Station de recharge marine Ecoworks chez Pinmar Yacht Supply

We teamed up with our longest serving stockist Pinmar Yacht Supply to introduce the first in‐store refill station for our ecoyacht wash, providing customers with considerable savings while helping to protect the oceans from wasteful single use plastic. The first of many stations to be rolled out is situated at Pinmar Yacht Supply’s store inside the STP shipyard in Palma de Mallorca.

You can purchase either a XNUMXL or XNUMXL bottle of the Ecoworks Marine Yacht Wash in store and return to the refill station whenever you need a top‐up. Refills are offered at a heavily discounted rate over the original price, and to kickstart the campaign Pinmar Yacht Supply are even offering XNUMX% off the price of the initial XNUMXL or XNUMXL bottle.

Our plan is to increase the number of filling stations in retail shops drastically after this inauguration, and with a successful uptake of this first product Pinmar Yacht Supply will be looking to introduce more of the range as a refill option.

“Refills were always on our mind, and we’ve had many customers asking for this option. We supply our products in containers up to XNUMX litres so effectively larger yachts can implement refill stations of their own onboard, but not all yachts have the space for this, so we wanted to introduce Ecoworks refills into chandleries.”

« Pinmar Yacht Supply est un fier supporteur de nos produits depuis le tout début de notre entreprise, étant le premier à fournir notre gamme sur le marché. C'est fantastique de franchir ces étapes vitales avec Pinmar Yacht Supply. Angus Johnston Chef de la marque

Luis Bestard, directeur général de Pinmar Yacht Supply, a ajouté : « Nous sommes ravis de présenter une initiative aussi durable que la station de recharge Ecoworks dans nos magasins alors qu'elle s'introduit dans les accastillages de yachts et l'industrie. Nous sommes impatients d'étendre cette initiative à nos autres magasins Pinmar Yacht Supply et d'offrir davantage de produits de la gamme Ecoworks en tant qu'options de recharge. »